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Naarad aggregates all your KGP related news from facebook pages to one place. This repository is mainly push updates to github pages, naarad-source is the main development repository.

Maintainers : Athitya Kumar and Ayush Goyal.

How does it work?

Naarad gets the content from the specified pages using Facebook's graph API. We use facepy as the python frontend for the api. It is deployed at Travis CI where every build updates Naarad and pushes a new commit, which triggers Travis again.
Travis CI link:

How to use Naarad

  • Get a Facebook API token and save it in file name ACCESS_TOKEN. See this StackOverflow Answer.
  • Naarad runs exclusively on Python 3, you can conda to easily switch between Python 2 and Python 3 environments.
  • Install facepy. As of now you'll have to use hargup's fork of facepy as the code in the original repository doesn't handle downloading of image files well. Pull Request is in process.
  • Run to push the changes to master. The website is generated through the docs/ directory. runs which creates json files containing feeds, and then runs which converts the json feed into into nice html according to a template specified in feed.tmpl.



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