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Examples of Meteor Projects


Tic tac toe

Simple Tasks

Complex Svelte Todos

Chakra UI


Wantch: Manage Movies to Watch

  • Demo:
  • Repository: filipenevola/wantch
  • Why: To show how simple is to create an app using Meteor Methods and React
  • Stack: Meteor, React and PWA
  • Last Updated At: Feb/25/2021
  • Meteor Version: 2.1

Double app

  • Demo:
  • Repository: denihs/double-app
  • Why: To show how to have two apps with different purposes, but sharing the same codebase.
  • Stack: Meteor and React
  • Last Updated At: Mar/19/2021
  • Meteor Version: 2.1


  • Demo: N/A
  • Repository meteor/leaderboards
  • Why: Complete example of a small Blaze app with only client code that can update the DB.
  • Stack: Meteor and Blaze
  • Last Updated At: Jul/25/2021
  • Meteor Version: 2.3.1

NFT Marketplace

Simple photo

Simple map



  • Demo: N/A
  • Repository: meteor/examples/parties
  • Why: One of the original Meteor examples showcasing how to build a nice working application with Blaze with very little code, while taking advantage of optimistic updates.
  • Stack: Meteor, Blaze
  • Last Updated At: August/23/2021
  • Meteor Version: 2.3.5

Native app with Cordova

  • Demo: N/A
  • Repository: meteor/examples/cordova
  • Why: To show how to set up a proper Native app with Meteor and Cordova
  • Stack: Meteor and Cordova
  • Last Updated At: May/22/2020
  • Meteor Version: 1.10.3

How to add your example?

  • Create a PR including it in this README
  • Make sure you are using the latest Meteor
  • Required fields: Repository, Why, Stack, Last Updated At and Meteor Version.


We want to list only up-to-date examples here.

If you see old examples that are no longer representing the current state of Meteor or that are not working please open a PR removing it from here.