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Experimental stuff for going fast with Clojure + JDBC & Async SQL
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Nopea kuin sika pakkasella

Spike to see how fast we can go with both Clojure + JDBC & Async SQL. Highly Experimental.

Related dicsussion:

Latest version

Clojars Project


porsas provides tools for precompiling the functions to convert ResultSet into Clojure values. This enables basically Java-fast JDBC queries while using idiomatic Clojure.

(defprotocol DataMapper
  (cache [this])
  (query-one [this ^Connection connection sqlvec])
  (query [this ^Connection connection sqlvec]))

porsas.core/compile returns a porsas.core/DataMapper instance. The following options are available for the compiler:

key description
:row Optional function of rs->value or a [[RowCompiler]] to convert rows into values
:key Optional function of rs-meta i->key to create key for map-results"

Note: some RowCompiler implementations (like p/rs->map) generate the code at runtime, which might not supported in all platforms like GraalVM.


A Java JDBC query

;; 630ns
(title "java")
(bench! (java-query connection "SELECT * FROM fruit"))

Compiled query functions

(def mapper (p/data-mapper {:row (p/rs->map)}))

;; 630ns
(title "porsas: compiled & cached query")
(bench! (p/query mapper connection "SELECT * FROM fruit")))

Cached query functions

With defaults, a bit slower (non-compiled) mapper is used. Works on all platforms.

;; 1300ns
(title "porsas: cached query")
(bench! (p/query p/default-mapper connection "SELECT * FROM fruit")))

Fully Dynamic queries

(def mapper (p/data-mapper {:cache nil)}))

;; 1500ns
(title "porsas: dynamic query")
(bench! (p/query mapper connection "SELECT * FROM fruit"))


At least an order of magnitude faster than, see the tests for more details.


  • more tests
  • batch-api
  • async-api for postgresql?


Copyright © 2019 Metosin Oy

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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