fx is a framework to help you do Function as a Service with painless on your own servers



Poor man's function as a service.
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fx is a tool to help you do Function as a Service on your own server. fx can make your stateless function a service in seconds. The most exciting thing is that you can write your functions with most programming languages, Installation, Usage and Contribution, see wiki

Language Status Contributor
Go Supported fx
Node Supported fx
Python Supported fx
Ruby Supported fx
Java Supported fx
PHP Supported @chlins
Julia Supported @mbesancon
D Supported @andre2007
R Working on need your help

You can refer to the doc to make fx support the language not listed above. Welcome to tweet me or Buy me a coffee.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to fx!

metrue pplam muka xwjdsh mbesancon avelino DaidoujiChen chlins andre2007 andre2007