A profiling timer util for django projects.
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Django Timer

Lightweight profiling timer for django projects can be installed via pypi

pip install django-timer


Simplest usage

with Timer() as timer:
    import time; time.sleep(1) # do something slow
print 'Sleep for 1 second took %.03f secs' % timer.delta
STDOUT: Sleep for 1 second took 1.003 secs

If you provide a message the timer will log the message via the logger with a log level of INFO

with Timer('sleep 1') as timer:
    import time; time.sleep(1) # do something slow
django.log: [INFO] sleep 1 :: 1.003 secs

Print the message to STDOUT as well as log file with print_message=True

with Timer('sleep 1', print_message=True) as timer:
    import time; time.sleep(1) # do something slow
STDOUT: sleep 1 :: 1.003 secs
django.log: [INFO] sleep 1 :: 1.003 secs

You can also use the timer as a decorator:

def my_function(self):

You can also use the lap() method to measure iterations in a loop:

with Timer('my loop', print_message=True) as timer:
    for i in range(100):
        import time; time.sleep(0.01) # do something slow
delta = timer.delta
number_of_laps = len(timer.laps)
average = timer.average
slowest_lap = timer.max
print "Total time {d:.02f} the number of iterations {n} average {avg} max {max}".format(d=delta, n=number_of_laps, avg=average, max=slowest_lap)
STDOUT: my loop :: 1.191 secs
STDOUT: Total time 1.19 the number of iterations 100 average 0.0115374279022 max 0.0129508972168

For contributors

Build and Upload to Pip

python setup.py sdist upload -r pypi

Run tests



  • Set logging to info by default as an option in settings.py
  • config for showing path