Toolchain for the Murgia Hack system.
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The Murgia Hack toolchain

This repository contains all you need to compile the Murgia Hack toolchain, needed to compile the Murgia Hack system.


First you need to decide where to install the tools. By default will be installed in /usr/local.

If you want to install the tools in /usr/local, type:

$ make all
$ sudo -s -- make install

Otherwise specify the installation directory dir with:

$ make all INSTALLDIR=`<dir>`
$ make install

This will install the i686-elf-murgia-* binaries, as well as the newlib libc for the MH system.

Downloading sources

Note that during make all sources for binutils, gcc and newlib will be downloaded. If you want to only download the sources, to compile later, type:

$ make populate