A self-guided mini-tutorial built with Whiteboard: Processing data with node.js
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Whiteboard tutorial: Processing data with Node.js

What is this

This is a self-guided micro-tutorial built with Whiteboard about processing files of a few file types. It is intended for a novice programmer audience. The goal is to teach how to write little node utility scripts that process files.

Intended audience

  • You should know some JavaScript

  • You should have basic node.js knowledge

  • This tutorial uses some ES6 syntax -- if you don't know it already, use this to brush up!

How to use

  1. Install Whiteboard for your operating system

  2. Ensure you have Node.js v6+ installed on your system

  3. Download this repo and unzip somewhere (alternatively, you could clone it)

  4. Start Whiteboard, click "Open deck..." and open up the nodejs_data_processing_tutorial.whiteboard file

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions!