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Code Section

The microbit playground website is built from these repositories on github:

You can add a page to the website by adding to the repository.

This repository is checked out at build time. There is a draft branch and a publish branch. All changes should be made to the draft branch.


See the page on the website. Submissions are welcome.

Submit an issue if you have an idea for an article.

A Contribution Should...

  • Not contain fixes or additions to existing articles; please use 'Issues'.
  • Be a pull request to the draft branch.
  • Have a 720x420px .png teaser image in /teaser/.
  • all filename prefixed by the name of the name of the main of the .md file.
  • Update the Image Licensing section of this README.
  • Licensed images used are mentioned in the YAML frontmatter of the .md file in the acknowledgements field if required.
  • Nothing too spammy or marketty or Google juicy.


  • For public attribution on the website, add your name and details to the author repository.

A Brief Note

Github is very rude! I do not mean the people but Picture the scene: you spend an age writing an article and are filled with pride and goodness about helping kids & adults learn. When I review and start to edit it, rejected or changes requested appears!

Perhaps this works fine in some areas but I know there is an emotional attachment when writing learning resources.

So please, do please translate these message from robot into Human.

Files in Repository

The website's pages are generated from .md files in the main directory. The name of each .md file has a corresponding image in /teaser/ of the same name.

  • /images/ -- Images used in the article.
  • /teaser/ -- Directory for teaser images & video.
  • /teaser/tiny & /teaser/card -- Generated images sizes.
  • / -- Examples for fomatting.



Each submission is covered by the CC-BY-NC 3.0 licence. You retain copyright but allows the website to use it (but not make money).


Image Name Author Licence
8ball frankleleon CC BY 2.0
counter Linda Spashett CC BY 3.0
button Stahlkocher CC BY 3.0
spirit tookapick CC0
wizzard unknown CC0
bauble Geek Fish None [^1]
snowflake Geek Fish None [^2]
  • [^1]: Used with permission of author.
  • [^2]: Used with permission of author.