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MicroPython on Unicorn

This repository contains an implementation of a virtual microcontroller based on the Unicorn emulator, which is in turn based on QEMU. It also contains a port of MicroPython to that virtual microcontroller. Unicorn has a JavaScript version, unicorn.js, which is obtained by running Emscripten on the C version of Unicorn, and allows the virtual microcontroller to run in the browser. This then gives a full MicroPython port running simulated-bare-metal in a web browser.

For a running demo please visit https://micropython.org/unicorn

Build Instructions

$ git submodule update --init

Firmware binaries can be customized in the unicorn directory.

$ cd unicorn
$ make CONFIG=pyboard

The web page may be built using

$ cd www-emu
$ make

In order to build without using gzip (For example when testing with $ python -m http.server)

$ cd www-emu
$ make nogzip

There is a critical bug in unicorn-engine which is addressed here. In order for full functionality apply the patch to a unicorn submodule within a unicorn.js repository and build normally.