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Use React components inside Angular
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React support for Angular

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Industry trends, organizational pressures, and other factors can lead to mandates regarding the use of component libraries or migration from one technology to another. In the case of Office UI Fabric, where its use is required, the client must be written in React (there is no Angular component library for the latest version). Rewrite from Angular to React may be cost-prohibitive or ill advised for other reasons.

Use of Angular-React allows consuming any React elements, but specifically Office UI Fabric, within an Angular [2+] application. The library of wrappers for Office UI Fabric simplifies the use of these components with Angular. However, any React code can make use of the custom Angular-React renderer.

Quick links

@angular-react/fabric | Documentation, quick start, and guides | Demo | Contributing | StackBlitz Template | Office UI Fabric

Typical Use Cases

  • Use React component libraries with Angular
  • Incrementally rewrite an Angular application into React (moving from atomic/leaf nodes upward into full features/pages until the entire app is re-written)


  • core: Includes the Renderer and supporting logic to render Angular components with React implementations as React components.
  • fabric: The light-weight Angular component wrappers that expose the Fabric React component API through common Angular components (including both imperative AND declarative syntax in many cases).


Initial work to prove the feasibility of adapting the Angular Renderer to output React managed components has concluded. We have moved beyond the initial simple Fabric components and expanded coverage to much of the available Office UI Fabric component library.

In the coming months we will continue to refine the component implementations as we use the angular-react core and fabric libraries in 2 real-world consumer facing production applications.

Getting started

See our Getting Started Guide if you're building your first project with Angular-React.

If you'd like to contribute, you must follow our contributing guidelines. You can look through the issues (which should be up-to-date on who is working on which features and which pieces are blocked) and make a comment.

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