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.NET Portability Analyzer Website

This repository contains the source code for the .NET Portability website.

Today, the repository contains the following components:

  • DotNetStatus. An ASP.NET 5 implementation of .NET Portability site.

Using this Repository

  1. Install the following:
    1. Visual Studio 2015
    2. .NET Version Manager (DNVM)
    3. .NET Execution Environment (DNX)


Building/Running from Commandline

  1. Go to src\DotNetStatus
  2. Run command: dnu restore
  3. Run command: dnx . web
  4. The website should be started on http://localhost:5000

Building/Running from Visual Studio

  1. Open DotNetStatus.sln

  2. Check that all the Dependencies have loaded (like NPM and Bower) and packages were restored

    • Check the Output window -> Package Manager Log to make sure that everything was successful
  3. There are two targets you can run/debug with:

    • IIS Express
    • web - To run on DNX

    These can be found under the Project Properties -> Debug or by clicking the drop-down menu on the Debug button in your main toolbar.

  4. You can also change the Target DNX Version (ex. so that it runs on .NET Core) by:

    • Go to Project Properties -> Application
    • Check off "Use specific DNX version"
    • Change the Platform from .NET Framework to .NET Core


  1. dnu restore outputs: Error: ENOENT, stat 'C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Roaming\npm'
    • Execute: mkdir %APPDATA%\npm (Command Prompt) or mkdir $env:AppData\npm (Powershell)
    • Execute: dnu restore
  2. dnu restore outputs: 'grunt' is not recognized as an internal or external command
    • Execute: npm install -g grunt-cli
    • Execute: dnu restore


Building/Running on Ubuntu

  1. Go to src/DotNetStatus
  2. Install npm
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install nodejs
    • sudo apt-get install npm
  3. Install Grunt globally
    • sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  4. dnu restore
  5. cd src/DotNetStatus
  6. grunt
  7. Run the site: dnx . kestrel


  1. dnu restore cannot find Microsoft.Fx.Portability
    • Open ~/.config/NuGet/NuGet.config in a text editor
    • Add <add key="dotnet-apiport" value="" /> under <packageSources>
    • Try again

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Some of the best ways to contribute are to try things out, file bugs, and join in design conversations.

Want to get more familiar with what's going on in the code?

Looking for something to work on? The list of up-for-grabs issues is a great place to start.

We're re-using the same contributing approach as .NET Core. You can check out the .NET Core contributing guide at the corefx repo wiki for more details.

You are also encouraged to start a discussion on the .NET Foundation forums!

Related Projects

For an overview of all the .NET related projects, have a look at the .NET home repository.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


Website to display data gathered by the Microsoft ApiPort tool



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