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Image of OpenDSP Plugmod and DX7  view

OpenDSPd is daemon/service for controlled DSP environment on headless unix machines. This service core gives you a clean and simple interface to code your own headless MIDI/OSC responsive DSP box. Code your own opendsp app by glueing your prefered linux DSP apps on a integrated ecosystem that are able to:

  • Route, exchange and control MIDI/OSC devices and it self.
  • Automate user interface tasks to make your app ecosystem works like a real headless music or video standalone gear for professional usage on studio or live stage.

OpenDSP Apps

OpenDSP application is a sub-set of N applications with a predefined state relation between then called Mod.

A Mod can have any number of applications and audio/video connections between then as far as you processor can handle it all.

By merging different applications you can achieve different kinda of DSP tasks to use as a standalone dedicated audio/video gear in an automated way via MIDI and OSC protocols or via common mouse/keyboard and monitor desktop station.

You can write your own Mod with a very few lines of configuration, just check some examples at mod/ directory of user data partition.

Examples can be found inside data/ directory.

App main interface

By making use of Mod config files you can define your own with a few lines of configuration

On the above example you setup a standalone tracker with visualization responds to audio on your screen and a keyboard used as a midi controller to play some sunvox synthesizers.

name: sunvox-lofi
path: /projects/sunvox/
project: Transient - Can It Be Beautiful.sunvox
display: virtual
midi_input: "opendsp:1"
audio_output: "opendsp:1, opendsp:2"

name: lebiniou
path: /projects/lebiniou/
args: -x 640 -y 480
project: "opendsp,opendsp2"
display: native
audio_input: "sunvox:1, sunvox:2"

name: input2midi
path: /projects/input2midi/
project: inputtomidi.json
midi_output: "opendsp:1"

Ecosystem DSP applications

You can create Mods ussing the following opensource applications ecosystem:

  • loopers
    – giada
    – luppp
  • djing
    – mixxx
    – wxax
  • daw/sequencer
    – lmms
    – hydrogen
    – qtractor
    – non-daw
    – non-mixer
    – non-sequencer
  • trackers
    – sunvox
    – milkytrack
  • modular synthesis
    – carla
    – carla-rack
    – ingen
  • video
    – lebiniou
    – xjadeo
    – vlc
  • modular programming
    – puredata
    – non-session-manager
  • audio plugins
    410 audio plugins, from effects to classic synthesizer emulations