A WebGL-based renderer for procedural generation of Earth-like planets
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WebGL-based renderer for procedural generation of Earth-like planets and surrounding celestial bodies.

Project site: https://debug.tw/proc_earth


Procedural Earth renders most of its objects with textures generated from Perlin noise-based fractals. Therefore it does not require pre-authored images (with the exception of a pre-computed look-up table) which greatly reduces loading time.

Many of the 3D graphics features were implemented with their equivalents in modern high-end video games in mind. Some important features are:

  • HDR rendering pipeline
  • Auto exposure (eye adaption)
  • Physically-based atmospheric scattering
  • Cook-Torrance BRDF
  • Procedural Milky Way

The performance goal is on average >50fps for iPhone 6S-level phones and 60fps for mid-range desktops/notebooks in FullHD resolution. It works well with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari but may cause errors in Internet Explorer, which is mostly because floating-point textures are not supported by it.

Directory Contents

  • build/ - Target directory for tool scripts (these scripts generate source files into the directory src/ts/Generated/)
  • dist/ - Target directory
  • src/buildtools/ - Source directory for tool scripts in the directory build/
  • src/shaders/ - Source directory of shader fragments
  • src/ts/ - Source directory of TypeScript source files


The source code is written in TypeScript and requires global installation of the following dependencies:

Before building the project for the very first time, run npm install inside the project directory to install other required Node modules. If all went well, there are two ways available to run Gulp:

  1. Run gulp to rebuild all scripts at once. This may take a short while to finish.
  2. Run gulp watch to enter monitor mode until a Ctrl-C signal being sent. With this mode running, file modification will trigger Gulp to automatically build and only to build for those target scripts affected by the modified source files.


Copyright (C) 2017-2018 Mifan Bang https://debug.tw

Should there not be many great works already well done, this project would not exist. This project is distributed with various parts of the following works:

Their individual copyright notices and licenses are listed in the file LICENCE.md.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The part from dat.gui distributed with this project is a modified version of the original work. Details on the modification can be found at the top of the file dist/dep/dat.gui-0.6.3.js.