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@mihnita mihnita released this Dec 12, 2016

Changed naming in preparation for publishing to a maven repository
(can't use mihai-nita in a package name because of the minus)

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@mihnita mihnita released this Aug 13, 2013

Bug fix: jdk logging with JAnsi did not flush output, causing color "spill over" in the following print(s).

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@mihnita mihnita released this Aug 12, 2013

  1. Added the ability to highlight only part of the message.
    This only works for loggers with a pattern (log4j, logback, not jdk).
    You can specify the highlighted region with {highlight} ... {/highlight}.
  2. Reorganized the testing to split the config files.
    Not you can take one of the test config files, rename it, and use it "as is".
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