A tutorial for anyone wanting to use SageMathCloud for teaching
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You can now access this tutorial on github-pages.

The website version contains a hands-on tutorial and a mini tutorial for students!

An introduction to SageMathCloud for lecturers.

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SageMathCloud is a cloud-based service that provides infrastructure and services that are useful for running courses based on Jupyter Notebooks. It is used for teaching by Universities around the world.

Basic access to SageMathcloud is free but, if you want your proejcts to be able to access the internet and have a more perfromant user-experience, we suggest you upgrade to a paid-for plan. Paying users get more resources and support - vital if you are to rely on it for paying students. Details of SageMathCloud's pricing plans are available at https://cloud.sagemath.com/policies/pricing.html

Some Benefits of SageMathCloud

  • No installation or configuration necessary. Everything Just Works.
  • Students can use it on any machine, any operating system, anywhere they like.
  • Has built in course-management functionality.
  • Allows collaborative editing of notebooks. (It's like Google Docs for Jupyter notebooks.)
  • Has built in real-time chatrooms for easy interaction with students and collaborators.

Course material

Further resources


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