C code that can be used to dial an alphanumeric pager gateway using the TAP protocol and deliver messages. This one can handle batches of messages per modem connection.
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geekpage / mikepage v0.0999 2015 by Mike Harrison geeklabs.com

Some of this was copied from somewhere around 199x and modified heavily a lot since then. It sends batches of alphanumeric messages to alpha pages using the TAP protocol. It was part of a system called "ePageMe.com" that worked for many years and is still be using by a few remaining alphanumberic pager companies worldwide. Once upon a time I made many thousands of dollars with this code. I'm mostly trying to play with Github and thought I would share some old but potentially useful code.

Egoware: If you like this and use it.. Send me a thank you message.

If you want help making this work and integrating it with your systems, I'm sometimes available. 423 605 6943