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Docker container with SSH and PHP

Circle CI

This is a Docker container million12/php-app-ssh based on million12/nginx-php, with only one addition: running SSH daemon.

Assuming you use million12/nginx-php for running the actual app, you can use this image as a side container to easily get into the container via ssh, perform command-line tasks (eg. composer install, npm, gulp), upload files via SFTP etc.

For different PHP versions, look up different branches of this repository.
On Docker Hub you can find them under different tags:

  • million12/php-app-ssh:latest - PHP 7.0 # built from master branch Circle CI
  • million12/php-app-ssh:php70 - PHP 7.0 # built from php70 branch Circle CI
  • million12/php-app-ssh:php56 - PHP 5.6 # built from php56 branch Circle CI
  • million12/php-app-ssh:php55 - PHP 5.5 # built from php55 branch Circle CI

Keys management

SSH keys are added from GitHub via GitHub API. The only thing you need to do is to provide your username (or usernames, coma-separated) via env variable IMPORT_GITHUB_PUB_KEYS. Of course you need to have your pubkey added on your GitHub account.


docker run -d -p 1122:22 --volumes-from="webdata-container" --env="IMPORT_GITHUB_PUB_KEYS=user1,user2" million12/php-app-ssh

After container is launched, you can login:
ssh -p 1122 www@docker-host

Fig example:
  image: million12/php-app-ssh
    - '1122:22'
    - webdata-container
    IMPORT_GITHUB_PUB_KEYS: user1,user2,user3


Marcin ryzy Ryzycki

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