The Bing Maps Module for Drupal allows users to include Microsoft Bing Maps in their content pages like Articles and Pages
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Bing Maps Module for Drupal

The Bing Maps Module for Drupal allows users to include Microsoft Bing Maps in their content pages like Articles and Pages. 
Users can display a map, add a pushpin at a desired location on the map and show driving directions between two locations.
They can also save the map properties and pushpin details in the Drupal backend database.

This module works on Drupal 7 version. It uses the Bing Maps PHP SDK 1.0 available here.
The module is supported on Internet Explorer 8.0, Google Chrome 8.0 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browsers. 


To install the module, download the file and extract the contents to Drupal folder sites/all/modules. 
This module can also be installed from the Module Upload UI. Next login as the Drupal administrator, under the Modules page 
you will find Bing Maps module, enable the module and click on the Save Configuration button. 

Before using the Bing Maps module, it has to be configured. The Bing Maps administration page can be accessed from the Modules 
page by clicking on the Configure link beside the Bing Maps module. Here you can configure the width and height of the map and the 
zoom level. Right clicking on the map displays a menu to set the default location of the map. You will need a Bing Maps Key for 
working with Bing Maps. You can obtain a Bing Maps Key from Microsoft from the web page
The administration page also allows the administrator to associate Bing Maps with available content types. 


To display a map in your content, you need to place the {BingMap} macro in the content (Article, Basic Page) text. 
Also, the Text Format of the content (Article, Basic Page) should be set to 'Full HTML'. The macro can be generated 
by using the 'Generate Bing Maps Macro' button in the Create content (Article, Basic Page) page. 

The 'Generate Bing Maps Macro' button is automatically associated with all existing content types like Article and Basic Page. 
To view the button during creation of newly added content types, it has to be associated with the content types.

The macro generation page allows users to override the width, height, zoom level and default location of the map. Users can display
driving directions between two locations and add one or more pushpins on the map. 

The {BingMap} macro supports the following attributes:
defaultlocation 	-	Address of the default map location 
width 			-	Width of the map in pixels 
height 			-	Height of the map in pixels 
zoomlevel 		-	Zoom level of the map in the range 1 to 19 
pushpins 		-	List of pushpins to be displayed separated by a | symbol. 
				Each pushpin should be in the form title;description;address
direction 		-	Driving directions between two addresses in the form fromaddress;toaddress 

The generated macro should be copied to the content text by clicking on the 'Apply' button in the macro generation page. 
Once the content (Article, Basic Page) has been saved with the {BingMap} macro, a map will be displayed in its place on viewing the content.

This library is released free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.
A copy of the license is available in the LICENSE file, included in the distribution.