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Lua binding for libexif
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This is a Lua binding for libexif. Compatible with Lua 5.1 or later.


$ luarocks make LIBEXIF_DIR=/usr/local

Or, manually with Makefile:

$ make LUA=/usr/local LIBEXIF=/usr LDFLAGS=-shared
$ cp /path/to/module/dir/


The exif module:

  • exif = require "exif" Loads the module and set it to a variable. Note that the call to require does not set a global variable.
  • Allocates a new data and returns it.
  • exif.loadfile(filename) Loads the file specified by filename. Returns a data.
  • exif.loadbuffer(buffer) Loads the buffer given by buffer. Returns a data.

Data types:

  • data --- the entire EXIF data found in an image.
    • mnotedata = data.mnotedata Returns the MakerNote data.
    • data:fix()
    • data:loadbuffer(buffer)
    • content = data:ifd(ifd) ifd is one of "0","1","EXIF","GPS","Interoperability". Returns an IFD.
    • data:ifds() Returns a integer-indexed table that contains all IFDs.
  • content --- all EXIF tags found in a single IFD.
    • content:fix()
    • content.ifd Returns one of "0","1","EXIF","GPS","Interoperability".
    • entry = content:entry(tag) Returns an EXIF tag.
    • content:entries() Returns a table that contains all EXIF tags.
    • content.parent
  • entry --- one EXIF tag
    • entry:fix()
    • entry.tag Tag name as a string.
    • entry.value Returns a localized textual representation of the value.
    • entry.components
    • entry.format Returns a textual representation of the data type.
    • entry.rawdata
    • entry.parent Returns the content object to which entry belongs.
    • Same as entry[1]
    • entry[n] (n is an integer between 1 and entry.components)
    • tostring(entry) Same as entry.value.
  • mnotedata --- all data found in MakerNote tag.
    • #mnotedata
    • mnotedata[n] n is an integer between 1 and #mnotedata.
  • rational --- a rational number, possibly returned by or entry[n]
    • rational.numerator The numerator as an integer.
    • rational.denominator The denominator as an integer.
    • rational.value The ratio as a Lua number.
    • tostring(rational) Same as rational.numerator .. "/" .. rational.denominator.


local exif = require "exif"
local data = exif.loadfile("mypicture.jpg") -- Load the EXIF data from "mypicture.jpg"
print(data:ifd("0"):entry("DateTime")) --> "2014:10:25 12:55:22"
local ExposureTime = data:ifd("EXIF"):entry("ExposureTime")
print(ExposureTime) --> "1/125 sec."
print(ExposureTime.format) --> "Rational"
print( --> "1/125"
print( --> "0.008"

Note that requiring "exif" module doesn't set a global variable with the module name. You can assign the module (result of require) to a local variable, as in the example above.


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