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Firefox Breeze theme
Firefox Breeze theme

A Breeze theme for Firefox

This theme follows lastest Breeze Adwaita style.

Screenshot of the theme


This is a bunch of CSS code to make Firefox look closer to KDE's native apps.

This theme is supposed to work with current supported Firefox releases:

  • Firefox 68
  • Firefox 60 ESR
  • Firefox 68 ESR
  • Firefox 69 Beta
  • Firefox 70 Nightly

Firefox 60 ESR issues:

(Dark theme variant is broken in Firefox < 67).


Installation script

git clone && cd firefox-breeze-theme

Script options

  • -f <firefox_folder> optional

    • Set custom Firefox folder path, for example ~/.mozilla/icecat/.
    • Default: ~/.mozilla/firefox/
  • -p <profile_folder> optional

    • Set custom profile folder name, for example e0j6yb0p.default-nightly
    • Default: *.default (standard default profile)
  • -g optional

    • Auto enable GNOMISH extra features hide-single-tab.css & matching-autocomplete-width.css

Manual installation

  1. Go to about:support in Firefox.

  2. Application Basics > Profile Directory > Open Directory.

  3. Open directory in a terminal.

  4. Create a chrome directory if it doesn't exist.

    mkdir -p chrome
    cd chrome
  5. Clone this repo to a subdirectory:

    git clone
  6. Create single-line user CSS files if non-existent or empty (at least one line is needed for sed):

    [[ -s userChrome.css ]] || echo >> userChrome.css
  7. Import this theme at the beginning of the CSS files (all @imports must come before any existing @namespace declarations):

    sed -i '1s/^/@import "firefox-breeze-theme\/userChrome.css";\n/' userChrome.css
  8. Symlink preferences file:

    ln -s chrome/firefox-breeze-theme/configuration/user.js ../user.js
  9. Restart Firefox.

  10. Open Firefox customization panel and move the new tab button to headerbar.

  11. Be happy with your new gnomish Firefox.


Both manual and script installation methods should create a git clone in your-profile-folder-path/chrome/firefox-breeze-theme, so the easiet way to update the theme is to open this folder in terminal and perform a git pull.

git pull origin master

Note: Running installation script to update after cloning again the repo can work, but also can introduce duplication in CSS sheets.

Uninstalling/removing the theme

  • Go to your profile folder (Go to about:support in Firefox > Application Basics > Profile Directory > Open Directory).
  • Remove chrome folder.

Enabling optional features

Open chrome/firefox-breeze-theme/userChrome.css with a text editor and follow instructions to enable extra features. Keep in mind this file might change in future versions and your configuration will be lost. You can copy the @imports you want to enable to a new file named customChrome.css directly in your chrome/firefox-breeze-theme directory if you want it to survive updates. Remember all @imports must be at the top of the file, before other statements.

Alternatively you can run installation script with -g flag to auto install GNOMISH features.

./scripts/ -g

Those features are not included by default, because can introduce bugs or Firefox functionalities lost.

  • hide-single-tab.css GNOMISH

    Hide the tab bar when only one tab is open.

    You should move the new tab button somewhere else for this to work, because by default it is on the tab bar too.

  • matching-autocomplete-width.css GNOMISH

    Limit the URL bar's autocompletion popup's width to the URL bar's width.

  • active-tab-contrast.css

    Active tab better contrast.

  • system-icons.css

    Use system theme icons instead of Adwaita icons included by theme.

  • drag-window-headerbar-buttons.css

    Allow drag window from headerbar buttons GNOMISH [BUGGED]

    It can activate button action, with unpleasant behavior.

  • symbolic-tab-icons.css

    Make all tab icons look kinda like symbolic icons.

Feel free to use any parts of my code to develop your own themes, I don't force any specific license on your code.

Special thanks

Based on Sai Kurogetsu/rafaelmardojai original work.


KDE Breeze theme for firefox








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