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Cisco Jabber Log Viewer

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As mentioned by name, this is an easy to use tool for reading logs generated by Cisco Jabber.


  • Support reading raw log files(such as jabber.log, jabber.log.1, jabber.log.2, jabber.log.3, jabber.log.4, jabber.log.5), folders contains raw log files, zip package of PRT
  • Presence view, shows someone's presences separated by resources
  • Stanza only search scope options
  • Drag & Drop to open logs
  • Open PRT via PRT Tracking System URL, eg.
  • Open PRT via Jabber Win PRT website(, eg. 65766
  • Open specified rows in new tab
  • Quick keyword/regexp filter
  • Indented format XML of stanza preview
  • source file/code line preview
  • raw log file view
  • Extension architecture to support complex filters, such as SQL WHERE clause, Lua extends match() function etc.
  • Windows/macOS supported

Search Syntax

  • search as SQL '%keyword%' by default

  • could search as Regexp mode by checking Regexp Mode menu item, it's expected to be compatible with PCRE syntax

  • search in one column per operation, the column name is displayed in search edit box, and it could be changed by select menu item in Find - Search Field

  • shortcut select Search Field by putting prefix in keyword, for example: m>enforce to search keyword 'enforce' in column method, abbreviation prefix list is shown in table:

    Field Single Char Abbreviation Long Form Abbrevation
    ID i id
    Date Time d datetime (2 or more leading characters)
    Level v level (2 or more leading characters)
    Thread t thread (2 or more leading characters)
    Source File s source (2 or more leading characters)
    Category a category (2 or more leading characters)
    Method m method (2 or more leading characters)
    Content c content (2 or more leading characters)
    Log File f logfile (2 or more leading characters)
    Line l line (2 or more leading characters)
  • Notice: shortcut will overwrite menu item settings.

  • shortcut enable/disable regexp mode search: r>keyword, !r>keyword

  • shortcut Search Field and Regexp mode can be used together, for example: m:r>keyword


Main Window

Presence View

Source Code Browse

Formatted XML

Rich Context Menu

Extension Menu

Extension Edit

Preference Dialog

Build From Source


  • Python
  • Boost
  • Qt 5.12 or higher

Build Steps

  • Clone repository: git clone --recursive
  • Set Boost path to environemnt if your Boost is not in common search path: set BOOST_ROOT=$HOME/Boost
  • Generate Scintilla Qt wrapper source files: cd 3rdparty/scintilla/qt/ScintillaEdit && python
  • Open by Qt Creator, then build it.