Microsoft SQL Server Adapter for sails.js
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Microsoft SQL Server adapter for sails.js. Tested on SQL Server 2012 and 2014, but should support any SQL Server 2005 and newer. CI tests are run against SQL Server Express. Originally published by c*nect.

The development and acceptance of pull request have stalled on the original project. Therefore I am publishing this project with some enhancements.

Getting Started

1. Install

$ npm install sails-mssqlserver --save

2. Configure


  connection: 'sqlserver'


  sqlserver: {
    adapter: 'sails-mssqlserver',
    user: 'sa',
    password: 'secureP@ssword',
    host: '', // azure database
    database: 'mydb',
    options: {
      encrypt: true   // use this for Azure databases

Query Examples

Select with certain columns

  select: ['name','author'] // Optional
  framework: 'sails.js'
  if (results) {
  } else {
    console.log('No plugins found')

For further examples check out Sail's Waterline ORM page




This project was originally forked from cnect/sails-sqlserver in 2016. That repo was itself forked from swelham/sails-mssql in early 2015. The code in both of those repositories is also available under the MIT license.