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Syntax highlighting for Clojure and EDN in Sublime Text.

Recently merged into Sublime's default packages, replacing the older Clojure syntax:

Significantly improved over the previous built-in:

  • The syntax structure is modeled after the AST and the Clojure reader. Should handle any formatting, regardless of whitespace and indentation quirks.

  • No unnecessary special cases. Simple and consistent rules. User-defined syntax should look and feel the same as standard syntax.

  • Works in root scope

  • Much better at handling literals such as numbers, keywords, etc

  • Works for custom defs, e.g. defroute

  • Correctly declares definterface, defprotocol, deftype, defrecord types

  • Correctly highlights methods in definterface, defprotocol, deftype, defrecord

  • Correctly declares functions defined by defprotocol

  • Correctly declares names in the presence of metadata, whitespace, comments

  • Correctly handles defmulti and defmethod

  • Doesn't declare declare (noise)

  • Highlights mismatched brackets, helping with balancing

  • ≈ 4 times smaller

  • ≈ 6 times faster


Clone or download the repo into Sublime's Packages folder. On MacOS, this is usually "/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages". Find it in menu → Preferences → Browse Packages.

Activate by selecting the Clj syntax. If you prefer it, set Sublime to use this syntax for all Clojure files.



Since it's been merged into ST HQ Packages, this repo is now frozen. Contributions should be directed to

You can reach me via