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Todo.txt helper scripts for working with the cycle

This repository contains a set of todotxt-cli addons that make working with The Cycle (as described in Time Management for Systems Administrators) easier. Specifically it assists with the management of dated todo files, and allows you to easily move tasks between different todo lists.

Installation instructions

  • Install todotxt-cli

  • Edit the todo.cfg file. Change the locations of the TODO_FILE and DONE_FILE:

     export TODO_FILE="$TODO_DIR/$(date +%Y-%m-%d).txt"
     export DONE_FILE="$TODO_DIR/$(date +%Y-%m-%d)-done.txt"
  • It is also recommended (but not necessary) to add the following config options to your todotxt config file:

     export TODOTXT_DATE_ON_ADD=0
  • Copy the contents of this repository (excluding this readme) into ~/.todo.actions.d. If you configured a custom TODO_ACTIONS_DIR, then place them in that directory instead.

  • Run help and you should see the new actions at the bottom of the help. If not, make sure the files you put in ~/.todo.actions.d are executable.

  • Run tmsa. This will generate symlinks for all actions provided by the tmsa addon.

Helper commands provided by the tmsa addon

  • bump - bump a single task to the next day. Use this for when you decide you won't be doing that task today.
  • bumpall - bump all the remaining tasks for today on to tomorrow's todo list. Do this at the end of the day with any tasks you didn't get to complete. Be sure to review any high priority tasks and deal with them before bumping to the next day.
  • verify - Search all files for unmanaged tasks (those that haven't been completed and/or bumped to a later day)
  • bringforward - bring all the tasks you forgot to manage on to today's todo list.

Other addons in this repository

  • push - A quick command to commit changes and push to git.
    • This is intended to be run at the end of the day after running bumpall to commit your changes.
  • addto - A modified 'addto' command.
    • Automatically create a new todo file if it looks like a dated file.
    • If 'tomorrow' is passed as the filename, expand it to tomorrow's todo list.
  • goals - view/edit goals.txt, a life goals list
    • Passing in no arguments will view the goals list
    • Passing in arguments will add an entry to the goals list
    • goals.txt is like any other todo file, but is used for longer term goals or someday/maybe items.


$ ls
1 Some task
2 Some other task
3 A third task
2013-06-11: 3 of 3 tasks shown

$ bump 1
Some task
TODO: 1 bumped from 2013-06-11.txt to 2013-06-12.txt

$ lf 2013-06-12
1 Some task
2013-06-12: 1 of 1 tasks shown

$ lsa
1 Some other task
2 A third task
0 x 2013-06-11 Some task bumped:2013-06-12

$ bumpall
Some other task
A third task

TODO: all items bumped from 2013-06-11.txt to 2013-06-12.txt

$ lsf 2013-06-10.txt
1 Some task I forgot about
2013-06-10: 1 of 1 tasks shown

$ verify

$ bringforward
Some task I forgot about
TODO: all items bumped from 2013-06-10.txt to 2013-06-11.txt


todotxt-cli addon for working with the cycle







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