Official Mixpanel Python library.
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This is the official Mixpanel Python library. This library allows for server-side integration of Mixpanel.

To import, export, transform, or delete your Mixpanel data, please see our mixpanel_api package.


The library can be installed using pip:

pip install mixpanel

Getting Started

Typical usage usually looks like this:

from mixpanel import Mixpanel

mp = Mixpanel(YOUR_TOKEN)

# tracks an event with certain properties
mp.track(DISTINCT_ID, 'button clicked', {'color' : 'blue', 'size': 'large'})

# sends an update to a user profile
mp.people_set(DISTINCT_ID, {'$first_name' : 'Ilya', 'favorite pizza': 'margherita'})

You can use an instance of the Mixpanel class for sending all of your events and people updates.

Additional Information