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Kernel extension (kext) for OS X (Snow Leopard) to simulate a graphic card
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Possible Fix for standby problem reported in #1

I noticed that the handleEvent implementation of IOFramebuffer (which can be found on checks wether the info parameter is not false. Passing NULL does not qualify for this... so I changed the implementation to pass TRUE
latest commit e6d6632a57
Enno Welbers authored
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EWProxyFrameBuffer.xcodeproj Dropped 32-bit support
English.lproj - working mode for Lion
IOKit/graphics first commit
EWProxyFrameBuffer.h first commit
EWProxyFrameBuffer.m - working mode for Lion
EWProxyFrameBufferClient.cpp - working mode for Lion
EWProxyFrameBufferClient.h - working mode for Lion
EWProxyFrameBufferConnection-Info.plist first commit
EWProxyFrameBufferDriver.cpp changed log statemens, more memory consumption
EWProxyFrameBufferDriver.h first commit
EWProxyFrameBufferFBuffer.cpp Possible Fix for standby problem reported in #1
EWProxyFrameBufferFBuffer.h - lion fixes
EWProxyFramebuffer-Info.plist - lion fixes
EWProxyframeBufferApp-Info.plist first commit
LICENSE license files
README added contact info
UIMainDialog.h first commit
UIMainDialog.m first commit
main.m first commit
version.plist first commit


Licensing stuff

all files in the IOKit subdirectory are licensed under the Apple public license, see APPLE_LICENSE

Contact the Author

You can contact me via twitter (@mkernel) or via mail
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