Fixes code completion issue with eclipse and scala libs
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Eclipse is very picky about class signatures. Scala 2.8.1 generates bogus signatures in some cases.

I want to be able to use libraries written in scala from within eclipse, but eclipse code completion breaks if it encounters such a bad signature:

See the scala issue:

All that will be fixed soon in the respective projects: scala will not emit those signatures and eclipse will not crash the code completion gui if it encounters one.

Unfortunately I cannot wait for these fixes to be released, and I'm not feeling well to use head version of scalac and eclipse :-)


This tool processes the class files generated by the scala compiler (like those in scala-library.jar) and finds all generic signature which are bogus.

It tries to fix some common mistakes or drops them if not found.


mkdir tmp cd tmp unzip ...../scala-library.jar ../scala-fix-generics . jar cf ../scala-library.jar .

Now you can try to replace this scala library jar with the one in your eclipse classpath. It should work, if you still get exceptions, please tell me which class causes the issue and the eclipse log in ~/workspace/metadata/.log


sbt update sbt assembly