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Python 3 related samples
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Python3 - notes on Python Programming Specialization (Coursera)

This repository contains set of simple Python files that demonstrate how to use Python3.

Structure of repository

|--                               - license of the project
|--                                - this file
|-- data
|   `-- simple.csv                           - simple input data
`-- src
    |--                      - very basic concepts of Python
    |--                           - samples illustrating usage of classes
    |--                         - some fun stuff related to CSV
    |--                      - dictionaries - [key, value] concept
    |--                        - samples explaining exceptions
    |--                   - samples related to dealing with files
    |--                            - helper file with fancy frames in Unicode
    |--                         - functions, lambas, arguments, etc.
    |--                        - illustration of map/filter usage
    |--                      - nested lists in various falvors
    |--                         - basics related to REST and JSON
    |--                           - sorting related samples
    |--      - playing with tuples
    `--                       - towards infinity and beyond

Running the code

git clone
cd python3
find . -name "*.py" -exec python3 {} \;

Docker for this project

If you want to test locally, you can use another project created for this purpose: JSONDocker

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