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Python Puppet Module for Boxen

Build Status

Install Python versions using pyenv. Module based off of puppet-ruby and puppet-nodejs.


# Install Python versions
python::version { '2.7.10': }
python::version { '3.5.0': }

# Set the global version of Python
class { 'python::global':
  version => '2.7.7'

# ensure a certain python version is used in a dir
python::local { '/path/to/some/project':
  version => '3.4.1'

# Install the latest version of virtualenv
$version = '3.4.1'
python::package { "virtualenv for ${version}":
  package => 'virtualenv',
  python  => $version,
# Install Django 1.6.x
python::package { "django for 2.7.7":
  package => 'django',
  python  => '2.7.7',
  version => '>=1.6,<1.7',

# Installing a pyenv plugin
python::plugin { 'pyenv-virtualenvwrapper':
  ensure => 'v20140122',
  source => 'yyuu/pyenv-virtualenvwrapper',

# Running a package script
# pyenv-installed gems cannot be run in the boxen installation environment which uses the system
# python. The environment must be cleared (env -i) so an installed python (and packages) can be used in a new shell.
exec { "env -i bash -c 'source /opt/boxen/ && PYENV_VERSION=${version} virtualenv venv'":
  provider => 'shell',
  cwd => "~/src/project",
  require => Python::Package["virtualenv for ${version}"],

Required Puppet Modules

  • boxen >= 3.2.0
  • repository >= 2.1
  • xquartz
  • gcc
  • stdlib
  • java (jython)


Write code. Run script/cibuild to test it. Check the script directory for other useful tools.