Vim plugin wich eases links manipulation and navigation in markdown pages
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vim-markdown-wiki is a Vim plugin which eases the navigation between files in a personnal wiki based on markdown


Add the line Bundle 'mmai/vim-markdown-wiki' in your .vimrc if you use Vundle or a similar plugin manager Or copy the after/ftplugin/markdown.vim file into the $HOME/.vim/after/ftplugin/ directory


With the default key mappings :

Link creation:

  • Hit the ENTER key when the cursor is on a text between brackets : [a title]
  • The link will be created [a title]( and the corresponding file will be loaded in the buffer.


  • Hit the ENTER key when the cursor is on a wiki link
  • The corresponding link file is loaded in the current buffer.
  • Hit Leader key + ENTER to go back

Change key mappings in your vim config file

Create or go to link : nnoremap <CR> :MdwiGotoLink

Return to previous page : nnoremap <Leader><CR> :MdwiReturn