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@mmistakes mmistakes released this Nov 7, 2017 · 603 commits to master since this release


  • Add alt description to avatar image. [#1226]
  • Clarify documentation about which assets folders and files to remove when migrating to the gem version of the theme. [#1268]
  • Add note about Staticman GitHub compatibility. [#1273]
  • Add missing Brazilian Portuguese translations to ui-text.yml. [#1278]
  • Update font stack documentation. [#1292]
  • Improve accessibility of navigation menu button. [#1099]
  • Add Naver Webmaster Tools verification. [#1286]
  • Add support for Staticman v2 endpoint and reCAPTCHA.
  • Add Polish localized UI text strings. [#1304]
  • Add toggleable table of contents via YAML Front Matter. Note: toc helper include will be deprecated in next major version. [#1222]
  • Refactor seo.html include to DRY-up page image handling.
  • Add support for setting what image is used by OpenGraph and Twitter via page.header.og_image. [#1316]
  • Fix the spelling of some product names in the author profile. [#1328]
  • Add aqua, neon, and plum skins. [#1336]
  • Update jekyll-toc with heading classes fix. [#1337]
  • Remove + from Google+ author link to allow non-vanity URLs. [#1319]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix system font rendering in Chrome on macOS/OS X. [#1290]
  • Fix extra padding in syntax highlighted code blocks due to Rouge 2 adding <div class="highlight"></div> to markup.
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