Android manager for Secu-3T open-source ignition system
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Android manager for microcontroller ignition system SECU-3 (
Distributed under GPL license

Designed By Maksim M. Levin 2013. Russia, Voronezh.

How-to-compile (using Eclipse):
1. Clone this repository with git.
2. Open Eclipse, import Secu3Droid project as "Existing Android Code Into Workspace"
3. Make "Add support library" with "Android Tools" context menu
4. Project depends of android-numberpicker library by SimonVT. Clone repository to folder near Secu3Droid
5. Import android-numberpicker project like in step 2
6. Select "Fix Project Properties" in menu "Android tools" context menu for both projects
7. Choose project properties for Secu3Droid, select chapter "Java Build Path", then tab "Libraries", press button "Add library". Select "User library" in dialog, set checkbox near "number_picker", press "Finish", then "OK"
8. Choose project properties and set Project Build Target to Android 4.2.2 (api 17) in chapter "Android"
9. Set checkbox near "library [android-numberpicker master]" in chapter "Project references"
10. Make clean and build, enjoy!