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Search, browse and load Quicklisp systems from Emacs.




ℹ️ Please consider using SLIME ⭐, that comes with this extension preinstalled.

Load swank and add this repository path to swank::*load-path*, in your Lisp compiler init file (~/.sbclrc if using SBCL):

(require :swank)
(push #p"/home/marian/src/lisp/quicklisp-systems/" swank::*load-path*)

In Emacs, add this repository path to load-path and add quicklisp-systems to slime-contribs in ~/.emacs init file, like:

(push "/home/marian/src/lisp/quicklisp-systems" load-path)

(setq slime-contribs '(slime-fancy quicklisp-systems))



  • M-x quicklisp-systems-list: browse the list of Quicklisp systems.
  • M-x quicklisp-systems-apropos: search both by name and in system descriptions.
  • M-x quicklisp-systems-apropos-name: search systems by name.
  • M-x quicklisp-systems-apropos-author: search systems by author.
  • M-x quicklisp-systems-show-system: show an Emacs buffer with information about the Quicklisp system.
  • M-x quickload: Load a Quicklisp system, with completion!.
  • M-x quicklisp-systems-update: update the list of Quicklisp systems (this extension downloads a "systems file" with information of ASDF systems in Quicklisp to operate).

Use q to kill individual buffers, and Q to kill all quicklisp-systems buffers at once.


This repository also contains a simple Emacs frontend for quicksearch, that searches for Quicklisp packages on the internet.

It is available on Quicklisp: (ql:quickload :quicksearch).

Just load quicksearch.el in your Emacs, and then use M-x quicksearch Emacs command to trigger a search.