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A small library that provides helper functions to work with Mockito in Kotlin.


Mockito-Kotlin is available on Maven Central. For Gradle users, add the following to your build.gradle, replacing x.x.x with the latest version:

testImplementation "org.mockito.kotlin:mockito-kotlin:x.x.x"


A test using Mockito-Kotlin typically looks like the following:

fun doAction_doesSomething(){ 
  /* Given */
  val mock = mock<MyClass> {
    on { getText() } doReturn "text"
  val classUnderTest = ClassUnderTest(mock)
  /* When */
  /* Then */

For more info and samples, see the Wiki.


Mockito-Kotlin is built with Gradle.

  • ./gradlew build builds and tests the project
  • ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal installs the maven artifacts in your local repository
  • ./gradlew check runs the test suite (See Testing below)


Mockito-Kotlin roughly follows SEMVER


Mockito-Kotlin's test suite is located in a separate tests module, to allow running the tests using several Kotlin versions whilst still keeping the base module at a recent version.

  • ./gradlew check runs the checks including tests.

Usually it is enough to test only using the default Kotlin versions; CI will test against multiple versions. If you want to test using a different Kotlin version locally, add the -PtestKotlinVersion=1.2.3 argument to the Gradle invocation while running the tests.


mockito-kotlin was created and developed by nhaarman@ after which the repository was integrated into the official Mockito GitHub organization. We would like to thank Niek for the original idea and extensive work plus support that went into mockito-kotlin.