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PowerDocu After you have built a Flow in Power Automate or a canvas app in Power Apps, you may consider documenting it as to allow others to get a better understanding of how it works, to ensure that any specific configuration in it is kept somewhere else as well, or for other reasons. However, manually documenting the technical implementation can be quite time consuming.

This is where PowerDocu can help!

PowerDocu contains a Windows GUI executable to easily perform technical documentations. It allows the automatic generation of technical documentation based on a provided exported Flow package, an exported Power Apps canvas app, or an exported Solution package. The documentation can be generated as a Word document or in Markdown format (for example to host it in GitHub or Azure DevOps).


Watch an introduction and demo of PowerDocu As part of a Microsoft 365 Community call, an overview and a demo of PowerDocu were given. Want to see the tool in action? Check out this recording on YouTube: PowerDocu demo as part of the Microsoft 365 Community call

Another recording was done for the Low Code Revolution show hosted by April Dunnam: Low Code Revolution - Automatically create Technical Documentation for your Power Apps and Power Automate Flows

Examples of generated documentation

Visit Examples for more details. The screenshots below give an overview of what gets generated

Example of generated Flow Word documentation

Example of generated app Markdown documentation Example of generated app Markdown documentation

What is generated as part of the technical documentation?

The documentation for each Flow includes

  1. A generated Word document or Markdown content including sections on
    1. General information of the Flow
    2. The connectors that are used by the Flow
    3. The Trigger that starts the Flow
    4. The actions used in the Flow
    5. A high-level and a detailed diagram of the Flow
  2. PNG and SVG renditions of the high-level and details diagrams

The documentation for each canvas app includes

  1. A generated Word document or Markdown content including sections on
    1. General information of the app and its properties
    2. The global variables and collections used in the app (and in which controls they are used)
    3. The Data Sources used
    4. The Resources used
    5. An overview of the various screens inside the app and the controls inside them
    6. A detailed list of all controls, together with all their properties

The documentation for a solution includes

  1. Generated documentation for each app inside the solution
  2. Generated documentation for each Flow inside the solution
  3. Details of the solution itself, including a list of all components inside and documented Dataverse tables

NOTE: If you find any bugs or other issues, please log an Issue in this GitHub project. For any improvement recommendations and suggestions, please open a Discussion. Most importantly, if you want to contribute to this project's code, please fork this repository and submit appropriate Pull Requests. Any kind of contribution is more than welcome!

How to use PowerDocu

Please refer to Installation & Usage for information on how to install PowerDocu and how to use it to generate documentation.

How does the generated documentation look like?

Please have a look at the examples provided.

What else are you planning to include in PowerDocu?

Please have a look at the roadmap for PowerDocu.

How can I help to improve PowerDocu?

If you can think of ways to improve it, here are some things that you can do:

  1. If it is not working properly or if you find a bug, please log a detailed Issue
  2. If you have a suggestion on what could be added or what could be done better, please add it under Discussions. Also, please have a look at the existing discussions and add any comments you may have
  3. Found some ugly code that should be improved? Got an idea for some additional functionality and want to implement it yourself? Please create a fork of this repo, make your changes, and submit a Pull Request!

What other documentation options are there for the Power Platform?