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Developer Documentation

Moduware is a modular mobile platform, it is using smatphone or tablet as a central hub and inteface for user. Modules are getting connected to phone case or powerbank and then can be controlled using BLE connection between smart devices and gateway (case or powerbank).

From this page you can find links to various resources describing development process for moduware platform. Moduware modules consist of many parts: hardware of module, firmware in microcontroller of module, tile as user interface of module on user device (phone or tablet).

Moduware provides many examples and templates to make your development process simpler and let you start faster.

General information


Module PCB Layout, Schematics and 2D/3D housing templates


Right now Moduware platform support's only MSP430 MCU.


There are two types of tiles: webview and native. Webview tiles are suitable for simple interfaces to module that does not require any complex data processing or phone OS\hardware features usage. Native tiles are much more complex and basically complete mobile applications separate from Moduware app, they need to be distributed separately and Moduware app only calls them when it is required by user.


Webview tiles is a simple one page local website. It is important to remember that is has access only to local resources, so if you are using some web-fonts, they won't be available for offline users.


Right now we support only Xamarin as a platform for native tile development, it allows you to develop application using C# language that works on both Android and iOS platforms and shares sugnificant amount of code between them.

Complete Examples (MSP430 Hardware + Firmware + WebView tile)

Under this list, examples include firmware, module driver and tile code as well as breadboard setup

Other links


Documentation and resources for developers



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