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A MODX Gateway class that supports inherited Context Settings and 'aliases'. Utilizes advanced Context caching scheme by MODX Chief Architect Jason "opengeek" Coward, and routing class by John "TheBoxer" Peca

For Subfolders, NOT Domains

ContextGateway is for routing via subfolder, rather than domain. The unique feature of ContextGateway is nested "aliases" and Context Setting inheritance. If you need to use different domains for your Contexts, try XRouting.

Special settings

The gateway class requires the use of a special Context Setting ctx_alias that acts as the uri bit for the Context on which it is set. The use of ctx_parent allows setting a parent Context, from which all settings will be inherited if they are not set on the current Context. You can thus "nest" Contexts and have them routed like this: ""


This Plugin has been used for years by the MODX Team on numerous Production sites, some with millions of monthly visitors.