The friendly front-end editor for visual, drag-and-drop content building in MODX CMS
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The friendly front-end editor … documentation at

Upgrade Notes

-> beta7

If you defined media sources in option sets, element's markup or options override you'll need to adjust these from media source id to media source name

Folder structure

  • _build/assets/js - source codes for Frontend part
  • _build/assets/sass - source codes for Frontend styles
  • assets/components/fred/mgr - CMP part
  • assets/components/fred/web - Assets to be used on Frontend
  • assets/components/fred/web/endpoints - XHR endpoints
  • core/components/fred/model/fred/src - Autoloaded directory for Fred namespace
  • core/components/fred/model/fred/src/Endpoint - Implementation for XHR endpoints

Prerequisites for DEV

  • MODX Revolution
  • GPM
  • Composer
  • Node JS
  • ruby sass


  • npm install from root
  • composer install from core/components/fred/model


  • npm run build-dev (starts watchers)
  • npm run build (also minifies and other things for prod.)