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MODX Documentation

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This repository contains the MODX documentation in Markdown format. This is part of an effort to replace the official documentation with a markdown-system that allows easier management and more community involvement.

This new documentation is currently available from

New documentation goals

The new documentation (content) should allow:

  • Major Version-specific documentation, based on git branches. MODX 3 will need to have its own documentation branch that can be worked on independently from MODX 2, with the possibility for git merges to synchronise shared changes.
  • Multilingual capabilities. All current documentation is in a /en/ folder, which should allow other languages to be added.

Serving up the documentation

The beauty of markdown is that it is independent from specific technologies or tools. This repository therefore only has the markdown content. How this content is served up to users, is handled in a different repository.


Please feel free to open an issue for bad markdown conversions or discussion points. There is also a relevant #documentation channel on the MODX Community Slack.

The Conversion (Old)

The current docs site is powered by MODX, with a front-end editing utility. Documentation content is stored as HTML, while the goal is to use Markdown instead.

I've been provided with a copy of the MODX database to ease the conversion so we don't have to scrape or parse more than necessary.

To run the conversion, a convert script is included in /convert/. This uses a composer dependency, so composer install in that directory before running it (from the command line) with php do-it.php. The actual conversion script is in convert/Converter.php. It basically connects to MODX, assuming config.core.php in the project root to point it to a valid MODX installation, and then recursively (by parent) loops over all resources and converts the resource content and meta data into a markdown file. The markdown file is placed under /en/, with the naming matching the resource alias/parents.

Improvements to the conversion script are welcome.

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