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Open source software for creating payment platforms that will help unbanked people access digital financial services. See the mojaloop repo to get started


  1. project project Public

    Repo to track product development issues for the Mojaloop project.

    22 15

  2. mojaloop-specification mojaloop-specification Public

    This repo contains the specification document set of the Open API for FSP Interoperability

    RAML 19 40

  3. documentation documentation Public

    Repo that contains documentation for the Mojaloop project.

    JavaScript 29 104

  4. helm helm Public

    Helm Charts. Helm repo

    Mustache 19 60

  5. mojaloop-business-docs mojaloop-business-docs Public

    Repository for Mojaloop Hub Business Operations and Scheme Choices Documents

    Shell 4 13

  6. design-authority-project design-authority-project Public

    This is the Issue and Decision Log for tracking mojaloop and related Designs

    1 2


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