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Async method support for vue
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vue-async-methods Build Status

Vue async methods support

Gives you utility methods for your promise based methods for use in the view. Also catch errors in the view.



$ npm install vue-async-methods


import AsyncMethods from 'vue-async-methods'

Vue.use(AsyncMethods [,options])



default false, if true: creates computeds that proxies fetchArticles.resolvedWith to articles

getComputedName(vm, methodName)

A function that should return the name of the desired computed if createComputed is true


// turns "fetchArticles", "getArticles" or "loadArticles" into "articles" computed
function (vm, methodName) {
  var withoutPrefix = methodName.replace(/^(fetch|get|load)/, '')
  return withoutPrefix.slice(0, 1).toLowerCase() + withoutPrefix.slice(1)

onError(err, handledInView, vm, methodName, args)

default: null

All error raised by the methods will be passed to the onError handler, enabling you to implement global error handling, logging, etc.

Now you can define async methods on your vm:

export default {
  asyncMethods: {
    fetchArticles() {
      return ajax('')

And use the following helper variables in your view:

articles // this is a computed that aliases fetchArticles.resolvedWith
fetchArticles //call this function to fetch the articles
fetchArticles.execute // executes the method, legacy support
fetchArticles.promise // the current or last promise
fetchArticles.isCalled // false until first called
fetchArticles.resolvedWithEmpty //empty means empty object or empty array
fetchArticles.resolvedWithSomething //opposite of empty
fetchArticles.rejectedWith //Error object

It also registers a component called catch-async-error that enables you to catch errors in the view instead of in the code.

<button type="button" @click="fetchArticles">Load data</button>
<div v-if="!fetchArticles.isCalled">Click button to load data</div>
<div v-if="fetchArticles.isPending">Loading data...</div>

<ul v-if="fetchArticles.resolvedWithSomething">
    <li v-for="article in articles">
<div v-if="fetchArticles.resolvedWithEmpty">
    There are no articles.

<catch-async-error :method="fetchArticles">
    <div v-if="fetchArticles.rejectedWith">
        Could not load articles due to an error. Details: {{fetchArticles.rejectedWith.message}}


Create tests for new functionality and follow the eslint rules.


MIT © Martin Hansen

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