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Android Jumpstart is a template base project for typical android apps. Its aimed at bringing scaffolding time to near zero when starting a new Android Project.
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Android Jumpstart

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With Android Jumpstart, we want to zero down the scaffolding time for Android apps. Most apps we work on share the same boilerplate code, including

  • Declaring dependencies
  • Auto-increment version code
  • Setting up Retrofit for API interaction
  • Setting up Dagger for dependency injection
  • Setting up common utility classes
  • Creating a mocking framework for testing

Jumpstart takes care of all this, and more. Jumpstart adds support for many commonly used libraries,

Setting up

Setting up is really easy, there's a python script here that clones the Jumpstart repo, changes the project name and package name. All the developer needs to after this is the update the API urls and they have a base project ready.

How to use


Make your activities extend one of BaseActivity, BaseToolbarActivity or BaseDrawerActivity, (all of which subclass AppCompatActivity) depending on your requirements. This gives you access to the APIService which is injected into the BaseActivities.


Setting up the Navigation Drawer

The BaseDrawerActivity handles the Navigation Drawer setup, and the DrawerActionToggle. You can customize the drawer menu by modifying the file nav_drawer_menu.xml

Setting up the toolbar

The BaseToolbarActivity handles setting up the toolbar and the home as up button. Simply have your classes extend this and there's no need to worry about the toolbar.

TODO Add information about FragmentTransactionHandler


Similar to BaseActivity, extending BaseFragment gives you access to apiService. It also adds utility methods to show and hide progress dialogs.

// Show loading dialog

// Hide loading dialog


A very common requirement in an app is to show a loading dialog. When you just need to show a simple dialog with a title and a message, use the LoadingDialog class as

LoadingDialog.newInstance(title, description, showCancelButton);


The retrofit configuration is done here.

Build configurations

Jumpstart adds four build types by default, debug, debugProd, release, releaseProd. You should configure these as per your requirements.

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