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Monasca Helm

This repo contains Helm charts for Monasca and its dependencies. Each chart release is hosted on via github pages.

Quick Start

To install Monasca in Kubernetes you can follow the following steps:

$ helm repo add monasca
$ helm install monasca/monasca --name monasca --namespace monitoring

It may take several minutes to download the container images.

If you have already added the helm repo make sure you update it before installing monasca to ensure you get the latest version

$ helm repo update

By default Monasca will monitor pod workloads, basic Kubernetes Health and autodetect Prometheus endpoints.

Local Development Environment

For local development we use minikube for bringing up Kubernetes to deploy Monasca on.

Accessing Data via Grafana

Apart of the Monasca install is Grafana with default Kubernetes graphs. This can be accessed by port-forwarding the grafana service to localhost.

Setting up grafana port-forward:

$ kubectl get pods -n monitoring -l component=grafana
$ kubectl port-forward {{ grafana_pod_name_from_output_above }} -n monitoring 3000

After the above is set up you can visit grafana with the default credentials mini-mon/password

For more details on configuring the Monasca chart you can refer to the chart's README and for general details around Monasca in Kubernetes you can refer to