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Monitis Python SDK

The Monitis API SDK provides a simple Python interface to the Monitis RESTful API. More information on the API is available at

Example Usage

To run the example, export the environment variables MONITIS_APIKEY and MONITIS_SECRETKEY. To get the necessary keys, sign up for a Monitis account at

from os import getloadavg
from monitis.monitors.params import ResultParams, DataType
from monitis.monitors.custom import CustomMonitor

rp = ResultParams('1m','1 Min. Load Avg.','load', DataType('integer'))
cm = CustomMonitor.add_monitor(rp, name='1 Min. Load', tag='load')
load1m,load5m,load15m = getloadavg()
print cm.add_result(results={'1m':load1m})

Running Tests

To run the tests, you will need nose installed

    $ pip install nose

Some of the tests require environment variables to be set, for API authentication.

    $ export MONITIS_APIKEY='your API key'
    $ export MONITIS_SECRETKEY='your secretkey'
    $ export MONITIS_USER=''
    $ export MONITIS_PASS='monitis password'

Once that's done, simply run nosetests in the root of the project.

    $ nosetests

Monitis API

The Monitis API is documented at The Python SDK currently covers the following components of the API.

Included in Python SDK

  • API calls with checksum validation
  • Custom Monitors
  • Users
  • Subaccounts
  • Layout
  • Contacts

Included in future implementation of SDK

  • Auth token validation
  • Custom monitor agents
  • Notifications
  • Predefined monitors
    • External
    • Internal
    • Transaction
    • Full page load
    • Visitor tracker
    • Cloud instances