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Mono Docker image

This image provides Docker releases of the Mono Project.

Supported tags and versions

We push every Mono release to Docker Hub. The latest version, one minor version before that and the last version before a major version bump are periodically rebuilt by Docker Hub to pull in updates from the base Debian image.

All other version tags are still available, but won't get those updates so you need to keep your images up to date by running apt-get update yourself. We encourage you to move to latest Mono releases as soon as they're available.

Starting with Mono 5.2 we provide a slim variant which only contains the bare minimum to run a simple console app. You can use this as a base and add just what you need.

How to use this image

This image can be used to run stand-alone Mono console apps or build your projects in a container.

FROM mono:latest

RUN mono --version
RUN msbuild MySolution.sln
RUN mono MyConsoleApp.exe


This Docker image is provided by Xamarin/Microsoft, for users of the Mono Project.

Thanks to Michael Friis for his preliminary work.


Please report issues on the GitHub project.


This Docker Image is licensed with the Expat License. See the Mono Project licensing FAQ for details on how Mono and associated libraries are licensed.


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