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terminal interface for crow
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A basic REPL for crow with some utilities



  • Python 3.5+
  • pip and setuptools
  • pyserial and prompt_toolkit

Note: you might need to use python and pip instead of python3 and pip3 depending on your platform. If python3 is not found, check that you have python >= 3.5 with python --version.

Install and run:

# Ensure setuptools is up to date
pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
# Install druid
pip3 install monome-druid
# Run druid :)


Start by running druid

  • type q (enter) to quit.

  • type h (enter) for a list of special commands.

  • input values are printed on the top line

  • will reconnect to crow after a disconnect / restart

  • scrollable console history


//// druid. q to quit. h for help

> x=6

> print(x)

> output[1].volts = 0

> q

Diagnostic logs are written to druid.log.

Command Line Interface

Sometimes you don't need the repl, but just want to upload/download scripts to/from crow. You can do so directly from the command line with the upload and download commands.


druid upload cool_script.lua

Uploads the provided lua file, cool_script.lua, to crow & stores it in flash to be executed on boot.


druid download > feathers.lua

Grabs the script currently stored on crow, and pastes the result into a new file feathers.lua.


For a collection of druid scripts, see the community-contributed collection 'bowery'. They're a great place to start if you're looking to customize or build your own scripts.

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