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Open source dynamo clone written in Erlang.
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bin bin/dynomite: Fix symlink parsing of script file name when symlink po…
c fix persistence offset issues
conf Add thrift and a thrift service
deps show args on command line
doc a bloom filter
ebin add rpc to the app file
elibs Merge branch 'master' of
escripts move load gen into a module
etest fix edge case where 0 resolved to a negative partition
gen-erl Add thrift and a thrift service
gen-rb generated ruby bindings for the thrift iface
if Add thrift and a thrift service
include load balancing profiling
pylibs Merged from cliffmoon master
releases update rel file for r13b
rlibs Add --pidfile to start command for writing a PID file.
rspecs Merge branch 'powerset'
web lots of new viz stuff for the interface
.gitignore Add --pidfile to start command for writing a PID file.
.gitmodules get outta here
AUTHORS adding chris brown
BTREEFORMAT refactoring complete for now
Capfile remove the profiling stuff
ChangeLog changelog
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NEWS Merge branch 'powerset'
NOTES Merged from cliffmoon master
PROTOCOL Merge branch 'powerset'
README.markdown Nail meet coffin.
Rakefile refactor left thrift beams out in the cold
XHASHFORMAT starting point for xhash storage
config.json lol, need to revert config
dist_config.json default single node Fixed incorrect change to membership



If the lack of commits over the past year isn't a clue, this is your warning that Dynomite is a dead project and is no longer being maintained. At some point in the future my employer may allow me to push out the improvements that I've made since I was barred from pushing code publicly. But I would not count on it, and I would not recommend you use Dynomite for anything other than a functional design document on how to build a Dynamo clone.

If you need an erlang Dynamo clone for production use I would recommend Riak.

If you need something with a bigtable style data model then I recommend Cassandra.


This is dynomite. It is a clone of the amazon dynamo key value store written in Erlang.

Amazon's Dynamo



channel #dynomite on

Mailing List

Dynomite Mailing List

TL;DR Getting Started

git clone git://
cd dynomite
git submodule init
git submodule update
./bin/dynomite start -c config.json
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