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Dataflow translates to or from XML, YAML, JSON, JSON-P and serialized PHP.

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Dataflow Module

Simple way of translating to or from XML, YAML, JSON, JSON-P and serialized PHP. Great for general usage or incorporating into a REST API.

// Set drivers (each key is config that passes through to its respective library, 
// `decode` to `Dataflow_Decode` and `encode` to `Dataflow_Encode`)
$config = array
    'decode' => array('driver' => 'YAML'),
    'encode' => array('driver' => 'XML')

// Example of converting XML to YAML and outputting results
echo Dataflow::factory($config)->set($xml);

// Convert any supported format to a standardized array

// Decode XML to an associative array
$array = Dataflow_Decode::factory(array('driver' => 'XML'))

// Encode associative array to XML
$xml = Dataflow_Encode::factory(array('driver' => 'XML'))

Getting Started

Recommend starting out with Dataflow documentation using the User Guide module or available online at

Learning & References

  • User Guide
  • API Browser
  • Unit Tests

Version 0.5.0

This is release version 0.5.0 of Dataflow.

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