SubEthaEdit/Coda Mode (syntax highligher) for the NewtonScript language.
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NewtonScript Mode for SubEthaEdit

by Morgan Aldridge

A SubEthaEdit/Coda Mode (syntax highlighter) for the NewtonScript language. Keywords & functions sourced from The NewtonScript Programming Language (1996, Apple Computer, Inc.; Mirrored on UNNA & Newted) and NEWT/0 source code.

See the SubEthaEdit Mode File Format for implementation reference.


  • Hashbang/Shebang
  • Single & Multi-line Comments
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Keywords
  • Quoted Constants
  • Newton OS 1.x & 2.x Functions
  • Some NEWT/0 Functions
  • Block parsing & code folding:
    • Frames
    • Arrays
    • begin/end
  • Symbol parsing for the function pop-up menu, incl.:
    • Functions
    • Methods
    • Version Control System (VCS) Conflicts


  • More NEWT/0 Functions?
  • More Symbols parsing for the function popup menu (RegexSymbols.xml):
    • Frames?
    • Classes?


Simply double-clicking the NewtonScript.mode icon will open it in SubEthaEdit, prompting you to install it for all users or just the one. Easy.