Thor scripts for CD ripping, wma to mp3 conversion and more
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Convert your cd to mp3 files, compress video files, resize photos


  • Ruby
  • thor gem


  • cdparanoia
  • lame
  • flac
  • mplayer (for converting wma files to mp3)
  • mencoder (for video compress)
  • libmagickwand-dev, imagemagick (for resizing photos)

For splitting flac files:

  • cuetools
  • shntool
  • flac


Ripping CD to mp3 files:

thor ripper:disk "Music/Destination directory"

Converting wma files to mp3:

thor ripper:wma "Music/Directory with wma files"

Converting flac files to mp3:

thor ripper:flac2mp3 "Music/flacs"

Compressing video files:

thor ripper:video your-wideo-file

Splitting flac album file into separate ones

thor ripper:split "Directory with flac file"

Resizing photos when bigger than given dimensions

thor ripper:resize_photos --width 1024 --height 1024 "Directory with photo files"

You can see all options by:

thor -T

When using thor you don't have to download Thorfile, simply just write:

thor install --as ripper --force

Then you will have always available command thor ripper (it is stored in ~/.thor/thor.yml file)

Updating script can be done by:

thor update ripper


Copyright (c) Wojciech Wnętrzak. See LICENSE for details.